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Sci Fi Model Kits

At-At sci fi model

Sci fi model kits. From your very own Colonial Viper to a detailed model of the Enterprise with interior dioramas.

Sci fi model kits. From your very own Colonial Viper to a detailed model of the Enterprise with interior dioramas.

Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk II

Viper Mk IIEverybody who has ever seen Battlestar Galactica has dreamed of owning their own viper. This fighter craft is iconic in so many ways. I remember watching the original series of Battlestar Galactica as a child and wishing I had my own ship and one of those silly beige viper helmets. Later, when the re-imagined series was released, the Viper Mk II was brought back as a classic fighter, causing many of us to cry sweet nostalgic tears of happiness.

With this 13 inch model, you can relive scenes from both series. It even comes with a little model Starbuck for you to kill and bring back to life.

The Moebius model kit comes with clear instructions, and is made of high quality plastic that holds paint well. The only complaint I have with this model is that the decals for the viper cockpit are very small and difficult to place, but it gets a big thumbs up for actually having cockpit details!

A similar model kit of the Viper MK VII is also available from this seller, although most fans seem to prefer the original, classic design of the Mk II.
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Battlestar Galactica

Galactica sci fi modelWhy stop at a Viper when you can have the full battlestar? I haven’t actually built this model myself, but I’m hearing some very good things about it. It’s by Moebius Model, same as the two viper models, so expect a high quality product and excellent instructions.

At 13 inches long, this isn’t the largest sci fi model out there, and the scale fails to do justice to the size of the actual ship, but large sci fi models are very difficult to come by these days.

Apparently, if you shop around on some of the more specialist websites selling sci fi model kits, you should be able to find some extra detailing for this model, including the museum windows for the starboard flight pod. Some hardcore modelers have even modified their battlestars, adding extra gun batteries and plate-armor.
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Transparent Enterprise-D

This is something of an unusual sci fi model kit. It’s a model of the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D by AMT, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. If, like me, you hate putting on all the decal transfers and have a habit of tearing, folding or losing them, you might want to stay away from this one.

Enterprise-D sci fi model kit

The entire model is molded from clear, transparent plastic. The transfers are designed to cover the entire hull, adding texture and detail. If you get it right, the windows and other details will remain transparent, letting light through. The effect when finished is incredible, but you might need an extra pair of tweezers on hand.

At 18 inches long, this is a substantial model. Just add electrics to make your own Next Generation night-light.
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Star Wars At-At

At-At sci fi modelOh yeah, big honking walker thing. As seen on the ice-planet Hoth.

This is one of those “snap together assembly”, “no glue required” sci fi models that I’ve personally never been fond of. It usually means that the model isn’t as good quality and isn’t made for serious modelers. However, this one does look pretty good. At 17.5 inches long and 12.3 inches high, it’s a pretty substantial model. And with some extra effort in the painting stage you can turn it into something incredible.
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Enterprise-E sci fi modelThe Sovereign-class Enterprise-E was always my favorite Star Trek ship. When I was a kid, my brother used to have a model of this Enterprise incarnation hanging from his ceiling, and I used to admire it with envious eyes. Now I’m older, I have my own Enterprise, and I’m just as big a geek as ever.

My brother’s Enterprise model was much larger than this, and I do wish this AMT model was just a little bigger, but it’s a beautiful model all the same. 19 inches of sleek sci fi model goodness.

Of course, the problem with Star Trek model kits is that they tend no to provide much of a challenge. This version of the Enterprise is particularly easy to build. The sleek lines of the ship mean that not many hull components are required. That being said, painting does provide a challenge with this model, as there are some quite complex patterns to add to the hull if you want it to look just like it does in the movies.

It’s an expensive model, but it’s worth it. Hours of fun building and painting, and endless satisfaction from admiring your handiwork afterwards.
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The Enterprise

Enterprise sci fi modelThis is THE Enterprise, and this is THE model.

There are more different Enterprise model kits on the market than you can shake a warp nacelle at, but this one is incredible.

First of all, the model is huge! An awesome 33 inches when complete. There are detailed textures and decals to cover the entire ship, and lots of clear windows. But the detail doesn’t stop on the outside.

Yes, this large model features interiors too. There are detailed interior dioramas for the officers lounge (saucer section, beneath the bridge), the arboretum (secondary hull) and the shuttlebay. There are even a couple of shuttles thrown in for good measure.

This is simply the ultimate Enterprise model. Quality, scale, detail and even interiors. What more could you possibly want? And it’s currently cheaper than smaller Star Trek models too! It’s a must-have for any collector or sci fi model enthusiast, or anybody with a free table to display it.

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Enterprise bridge sci fi model kitAnd if that’s not enough Enterprise for you, you could always finish off the set with this old-school model of the original Enterprise bridge. This classic model is 12 inches in diameter and includes miniature figurines of Kirk, Spock and Sulu.
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