Plants Of The Verse

The Verse - Firefly

A list of all planets and moons seen and mentioned in Firefly, Serenity, and the accompanying series of comics.

How many habitable planets do you think you could fit into a star system? Three – one slightly too hot, one slightly too cold, and one just right? How about Battlestar Galactica’s twelve? Think that’s absurd? Battlestar ain’t got nothin’ on Firefly.

At no point in the TV show, movie, or comics that make up the Firefly franchise is it ever stated how many planets there are in ‘The Verse’, but by counting those planets that are mentioned, we can surmise that there at least 48. We also know from the opening sequence of the movie Serenity that they all fit within one star system. Below is a list of all named planets and moons that feature in the Firefly franchise, including those that are mentioned but never seen.

First, lets take a look at what “The Verse” is and how it is structured (and, believe it or not, it is structured into something reasonably plausible).

According to the Complete and Official Map of The Verse, The Verse is a huge star system comprising no less than five stars and several brown dwarf protostars.

In the center of the system is a giant star at least twice as big as our own sun, around which the “central planets” and all other stars orbit. This is called the White Sun (or Bai Hu – the ‘White Tiger’). Orbiting closest to the White Sun are the stars Georgia (or Huang Long – ‘Yellow Dragon’) and the Red Sun (or Zhu Que – ‘Red Phoenix’). The planets orbiting these stars are known as the “Border Worlds”. Farther out, the stars Kalidasa (or Xuan Wu – ‘Black Tortoise’) and the Blue Sun (or Qing Long – ‘Blue Dragon’) orbit the White Sun and the border stars. This outer region is known as “The Rim”.

Orbiting these five stars are a further seven smaller protostars; these increase the number of habitable planets each star can support. Qin Shi Huang and Lux orbit the White Sun. Murphy orbits Georgia. Himmbjørg and Heinlein orbit the Red Sun, Penglai orbits Kalidasa, and Burnham orbits the Blue Sun.

Because the five stars and seven protostars that make up The Verse are gravitationally bound to one and other, this huge region does fit the definition of a star system, but some might prefer the term star cluster.

Here is a list of all the planets and moons seen and mentioned in Firefly, Serenity, and the accompanying series of comics…

Aberdeen – The thirteenth planet orbiting the star Kalidasa.

Angel – The seventh planet orbiting Kalidasa. It has one moon called Zephyr.

Ares – A moon of Boros.

Ariel – One of the central planets, and the eleventh planet orbiting the White Sun. Ariel is the location of Saint Lucy’s Medical Center, and featured heavily in the episode “Ariel”. There is also a bio-luminescent lake here, which is a popular tourist attraction.

Athens – The ninth planet orbiting the star Georgia. Athens has four moons, one of which is Whitefall.

Beaumonde – Beaumonde is the fifteenth planet orbiting the star Kalidasa. The crew of Serentiy arrive here at the start of the movie Serenity to meet with brothers Fanty and Mingo

Bellerophon – Seen in the episode “Trash“, Bellerophonis a technologically advanced Alliance world, and home to many wealthy citizens. It is the tenth planet orbiting the White Sun.

Bernadette – The first planet orbiting the White Sun, Bernadette is the most central planet in The Verse. It is mentioned in the episode ”Bushwhacked“. Bernadette is home to a staging area for the Alliance’s settler expansion into the border worlds.

Beylix – A planet orbiting the protostar Penglai. Beylix has three moons, and it appears to have a permanent cloud cover and dense rings of ice.

Boros – The third planet orbiting the star Georgia. It has a strong Alliance presence, and was the original destination of the travellers picked up by Serenity on Persephone (first episode of Firefly)

Constance – The third planet of Kalidasa. Seen in the comic book Serenity: Those Left Behind.

Deadwood – The seventh planet orbiting the Blue Sun. It has two moons, one of which is Haven.

Dyton – A moon of Greenleaf, the third planet orbiting the Red Sun. The people of Dyton have British accents.

Ezra – The closest planet to the star Georgia, Ezra is a desert world. It is orbited by Niska’s Skyplex, and is seen in the episode ”War Stories“.

Greenleaf – The third planet orbiting the Red Sun, Greenleaf has a strong Alliance presence. It is mentioned in “Safe” as a planet likely to have good medical facilities.

Harvest – The fourth planet orbiting the Red Sun. One of its two moons, Higgin’s Moon, is the setting for the episode “Jaynestown”.

Haven – A moon of Deadwood, Haven is the home of Shepherd Book, who left the crew during the events of the comic book Serenity, Vol. 1: Those Left Behind and was seen residing there in the movie Serenity.

Hera – Hera orbits the protostar Murphy, which in turn orbits the star Georgia. Hera was one of the key planets controlled by the Independents during the war, and is the location of Serenity Valley.

Higgins’ Moon – A moon of the planet Harvest, the fourth planet orbiting the Red Sun. The primary industry on Higgins’ Moon is mud mining. The crew visits Higgins’ Moon in the episode “Jaynestown.”

Highgate – A world orbiting the Blue Sun.

Ita – A moon of the planet Whittier. Mentioned in the episode “Out of Gas“.

Jiangyin – The innermost planet of the Red Sun planetary system, and the capital of that system. Serenity visits Jiangyin the episode “Safe“, where they sell a herd of cattle.

Kerry – The fourth planet orbiting the star Georgia.

Liann Juin – A core world and the fourth planet orbiting the White Sun.

Lilac – Lilac is a moon of New Canaan, the second planet orbiting the Blue Sun. It is near Reaver territory. The crew of Serenity visit Lilac planning to rob a bank holding an Alliance payroll.

Londinium – Londinium is one of the most developed and most important planets in The Verse. It is the second planet orbiting the White Sun, and is home to the Alliance Parliament.

Miranda – Miranda orbits the protostar Burnham at the edge of the Blue Sun planetary system. Located beyond Reaver territory, it is the most distant and isolated world in The Verse. Miranda is seen in the movie Serenity, where it is revealed that there was once an alliance base here. Attempts at social engineering by the Alliance on Miranda led to the emergence of the Reavers.

Miur – The third planet orbiting the Blue Sun. This is where the character Badger was raised.

Newhall – Newhall orbits the protostar Penglai, which orbits the star Kalidasa. It is mentioned in the episode “Bushwhacked“.

New Melbourne – The second planet orbiting the Red Sun. New Melbourne is mentioned as having extensive fisheries, indicating that it may be an ocean world. In “Objects in Space“, Mal says that everything on New Melbourne is “either fish or fish related activities.”

Osiris – The seventh planet orbiting the White Sun, Osiris is a wealthy core world. Simon and River Tam grew up here on their family estate.

Paquin – A moon of the brown dwarf Heinlein. Mentioned in the episode “Out of Gas“.

Parth – A moon of Bellerophon.

Pelorum – A resort planet orbiting the protostar Lux, which is also orbited by Persephone. In Serenity Vol. 2: Better Days, the crew of Serenity travels to Pelorum after they successfully hijack the drone.

Persephone – Persephone is one of the more civilized and heavily populated planets in The Verse, and one of the key planets on the side of the Independents during the Unification War. It orbits Lux, a protostar at the edge of the central White Star system, and thus may or may not be considered one of the core worlds. Serenity visits Persephone’s Eavesdown Docks in the opening episode of Firefly, and again during the episode “Shindig”.

Regina – The second planet orbiting the star Georgia, Regina is where “The Train Job” takes place.

Salisbury – The outer planet of the Kalidasa planetary system, and one of the most distant from the central White Sun.

Santo – A small and insignificant planet orbiting the protostar Qin Shi Huang.

Silverhold – A moon of the brown dwarf Heinlein, which orbits the Red Sun.

Shadow – An agricultural planet orbiting the protostar Murphy in the Georgia system. Shadow was one of the three major planets on the side of the Independents in the Unification War, during which it was rendered uninhabitable, probably due to Alliance bombing.

Sihnon – The third planet orbiting the White Sun, Sihnon is one of the wealthiest and most important planets in The Verse. It is inhabited primarily by colonists from China. It is also the original home of Inara Serra. From space, the planet has a deep red color. According to Inara, Sihnon’s capital city is “like an ocean of light.”

St. Albans – A cold, icy planet orbiting the Red Sun. It appears in the episode “The Message” as the home of Mal and Zoey’s former comrade in arms, Tracey.

Three Hills – The twelfth planet orbiting Georgia. Mentioned in the episode “Serenity“.

Triumph – A small world in orbit of the protostar Heinlein, near the Red Sun. The people here are poor and have strange customs regarding marriage. Triumph features in the episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds“.

Verbina – A planet orbiting the star Kalidasa

Whitefall – A small, dusty moon in orbit around the planet Athens. A large portion of Whitefall’s surface is owned by a an untrustworthy woman named Patience.

Whittier – The tenth planet in the Kalidasa planetary system.

Zephyr – The only moon of the planet Angel.