How I Buy Adsense Account And Made $80,000 With It

When I made my living with one of my adsense websites, of course I was proud and happy … but there was also less pleasant aspects.

Before moving into the article make sure you have an adsense account, if you don’t have one, you can buy adsense account at low price from this website.

  • We can not just say “I write on topics like myself”. One must necessarily take into account what the reader expects and what he wants. So sometimes, we must write about topics that doesn’t interest us less but we know they will please other people. It can transform your approach on blogging.
  • The web is “open” 24/24 every day of the year . This is not like a conventional job where your work on a business at a certain time. When you hold an online store, for example, it is not always easy to manage, how cannot go on vacation with peace of mind while providing the customer support? But if you are making an online income with your adsense account you can work literally from any part of the world.
  • Be prepared to think about a strategy , creating value-added products or services. In short, to go beyond the ‘traditional’ way of blogging of creating content.

All this requires a real job and a real hard work from your side. I would suggest to do your adsense website as a part time and then slowly doing it full time.

Earning money with your adsense account does not depend on the quality of your blog.

It is sometimes believed that under the pretext that if we have a quality blog, we will be better able to monetize. In fact, to earn money with your adsense blog, you do not need just quality content . You must build a quality relationship with your readers.

If you blog for money without any respect to your website visitors, you can’t succeed in adsense. Today’s readers are not naive .Many of them follow several blogs. They often know how to find affiliate links, bloggers who publish too much of sponsored articles. And they do not like it actually.

If you make good affiliation, there will always be some people who will buy the products you mentioned. After all, it is not you who buy actually they buy it.


Earning money is often an alchemy between several things:

  • Have a subject “monetized” . Some themes are more profitable than others. For example, with the same traffic, a blog can generate only 20 € per month from Adsense income on another theme it can make € 500 with the same amount of traffic.
  • Similarly, if you sell a book via an affiliate link, you earn often less than one euro while if you are selling a trip through an affiliate link can fetch up to 100 euros. So choose your products wisely
  • To go further, it is also the subject which itself offer a product or service associated.
  • Have good amount of traffic .
  • It does not necessarily have to have tens of thousands of visitors. Sometimes a few thousand is enough.
  • Understanding your reader’s mind.
  • To monetize a blog, you should know what to write and what are the expectations of your visitors. For example, most of your readers may be amateur bloggers or professionals in the niche. If I start to offer an enterprise product, I may not find the right audience! Healthy monetization, in my opinion, is most important thing.