Wednesday 21 March, 2012

10 Hilarious Admiral Ackbar Pictures

it's a frap

10 hilarious pictures and memes featuring everybody’s favorite Mon Calamari, Admiral Ackbar.

Here are 10 hilarious pictures and memes featuring everybody’s favorite Mon Calamari, Admiral Ackbar.


We’ll start with the basics. “Hey mouse, what’s this. That’s right… It’s a trap!” I like the idea that Admiral Ackbar spends his life going around pointing out traps to people, animals and fleets of starships.'s a trap y'all

And this is why he’s dedicated his life to the cause of pointing out the obvious – because “Bitches don’t know it’s a trap,” and because they fools. It’s a trap y’all, and yo best be knowing it.

3.trap buster

What’s that in the Admiral’s hand? That right. You’re starting to catch on.'s a tarp!

It’s a… Wait, no it ain’t. It’s a TARP. Bitches best be knowing the difference between a trap and a tarp. And remember kids, never go camping without a tarp, a towel, and Admiral Ackbar’s rebel survival guide.'s a frap

It’s a frappachino! I’m a little confused by the words “today I recommend”. Does this cafe always use a picture of Admiral Ackbar to recommend beverages, or only frappachinos? I guess he could sell sandwiches too – it’s a BAP!

6.Admiral Ackbar Cereal

Of course, the Admiral is famous for advertising his own cereal on the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials.


ackbar scream

Just like the original painting, this image poses an interesting question. Is he screaming because he’s caught in a trap, or is he warning somebody else of a trap? I guess we’ll never know.

8.Admiral Ackbar in love

Yes, that woman does have an octopus on her head. And yes, Admiral Ackbar is clearly turned on by it. Don’t ask me to explain, I just know it’s a trap.

9.kony 2012 trap

Here’s our response to the Kony 2012 campaign, which is quite obviously a trap. The only reason this ‘charity’ video became so popular is that “bitches don’t know it’s a trap!”

10.Admiral Ackbar pitfall

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